Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Date Night

So since my last post, I have decided to write a blog, then not write a blog then apparently write one again. Well see how long this lasts.

I think it is funny to identify ourselves as infertile. I read so many blogs where it is many folks identities. I think unlike others, our journey is just beginning, it's like the first steps when you try naturally for the first few months.  It's just something we have to do instead. So I am not going to identify with anything.  I just want to be me going through my life path that is now laid out before me.

Husband had his TESE/MESA. All went well, we have sperm! And they are safely residing in a freezer at our IVF lab just waiting to make-out with some of my eggs. It was one of my biggest fears as there were no guarantees there would be any but there was and we are happy! The whole thing was funny, showing up with a small cooler then them handing it to me with half of my potential offspring then into the hands of the lab courier. Just weird but done. Follow-up appointment was today and it seems Husband is back in business.

This past weekend I had a fun girls night on Friday night and was extremely hungover Saturday. I will not be missing that part of drinking at all. Then Husband and I escaped for a night to a nearby city for some fun. We hit the State Fair, a nice dinner with good food and wine and just a beautiful night.

And tonight is my date with my hubs to the hottest restaurant ticket in town. Cannot wait! I see it as my last hurrah of indulging before I pay serious respect and attention to our first cycle of IVF. I am feeling excited and scared so just going to enjoy the night with the husband.

I am feeling good and positive. Much better than my last post. Now onto step two, tomorrow's baseline ultrasound, etc. My first shot starts Saturday. I am not so concerned about the actual shot but the mixing of the medicines and the fact I need to squeeze it in between two bachelorette parties I am attending.

Until next time,
Joys Truly

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