Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today is the big day

Shot #1 and I am lucky that I have such a busy day I can't really think about it too much. I have watched about 30 videos online to make sure I do it correctly. We had our drug training/orientation over a month ago so I needed a review. But my day is to a wedding shower for a lovely friend of mine then home to change and off to Bachelorette Party #1 for a different friend. Then home to do my shot then off to Bachelorette Party #2 for the shower girl. We are actually going to a gallery to paint a nude male at that party. I think it is going to be hilarious. Can't wait, I'll post a pic later this week of my final picture.

I drank my last drink last night...just a cider during dinner. Weird to think no caffeine or alcohol for possible 9 months + but I will survive. It is really not much to give up for what we are going to get in return.

I'm very excited to start!

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  1. I hope everything went smoothly!!! And you had a great time at the parties!!!