Monday, April 30, 2012

Closet Overhaul

So this weekend it had to be done. As I approach my 12th week, I had to get some new jeans. I have two pairs of regular jeans that fit me comfortable only because I bought them a size larger than I normally am. I tried Gap Maternity but they did not have my size at the store so off to Destination Maternity I went. I opted for the demi panel ones which are comfortable but still slip down a little. I love having a lil belly (well at least bigger than it normally is) now knowing the baby is growing away. I also got some tops too, ones I can wear tighter for now with a belt than grow into.

I had a bachelorette party on Saturday night. I broke in one of the jeans. I had to wear a bella band too to keep them from slipping too low, but they were comfy. It was actually very fun despite not drinking. The wedding is in two weeks and I need to get a dress for that too.

So at this point I think the only clothes I am going to keep in my closet is my growing collection of maternity clothes (hoping to get double use if I can get pregnant with #2), shoes and a few dresses. I'm going to completely clean out my closet and put everything in storage. Our condo is going on the market in a few weeks so the more we can declutter the better. And I figure if we are still there in the fall/winter, I can just get what I need out of storage then. I just need to light a fire under myself to get going. I need to clean out our bookcase and put that in storage plus our main closet in the hallway and get rid of some kitchen stuff. Thank God we have a storage space. But after all this I think is is going to be pretty full.

We found a house we really liked yesterday. But the problem is we have to sell our condo and it is not even on the market yet. This is why you should never look for a house until your place is sold. But I think we need to see it again. The kitchen is a bit small and so is the yard but we really liked everything else. But both of these things were high on priority list so maybe now it is not for us. Ho hum.We are going to talk to our mortgage agent today see if we can see it again and if there are any options for us because our place is not on the market yet but soon will be.  I woke up at 3 with my mind racing about this dumb house.I know there is a huge change (more than 80%) we are still going to be living here when the baby is born and I am just gonna roll with it. We only live in a one bedroom condo and they are a dime a dozen around here so I see this being a long process. But I am only stressing about the things I can control which right now is decluttering this place and saying every extra dollar we have.

Today I had a doctor appointment. So happy to see the babe again! I just want to know everything is a-ok in there. I'm sure it is but I just love seeing this lil thing up on the screen.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Better I promise

I need to get better about blogging. There are so many things I think about or read about that I know I want to blog about but I just have not been making the time. So boo to me. I'm going to get better at it starting now. I started drafting this on Monday and finally posting today.

The weekend was good. We had dinner at a friend's house on Friday night and then one of my best friends came into town Saturday and Sunday. There was a group of us for a nice dinner and drinks then Sunday another friend of ours had a brunch for everyone too with their kids. It was fun. It's nice to see all the new babies and how big the others are getting. And it was especially nice to get in quality friend time. With everyone living in different places and having kids in all different stages or none at all, it's nice when we can find time to get together and catch up.

Unfortunately last week I had a long discussion with two different friends regarding infertility. One of my friends will be 40 in June and has been trying for over two years. She just had fibroid surgery and now is trying naturally but the doctors are suggesting due to her age her best bet is IVF. Which we all know is expensive. They do not have coverage so it would all be out of pocket so I think it is just a matter of when they can get the money together and move forward. It just breaks my heart for anyone 1) who even has to go through any infertility protocol especially IVF and 2) just may not have the means to do it. UGH!!

I had another friend who is in the beginning stages. Been trying for 6 months and in her low 30s and her doctor is pretty proactive. She was going to go on clomid but they suggested having her husband tested first before they decide on their next move. My discussion with her was basically about just being an advocate for herself through this and staying proactive. If there is an issue, the sooner she can nail it down the better. And better to know there are no issues at all so she doesn't need to worry.

On the pregnancy front, I am 11 weeks and feeling good. I had a lot of cramping last week but I am sure it is still growing pains. After a few nights this weekend of staying p past my normal preggo bedtime, I slept for a very long time last night. I really am thankful for how easy my first trimester has been. I wish we could see the lil Gobbler this week, but my next appointment isn't until Monday. I just feel better knowing everything is going ok in there. I feel my stomach getting harder and am starting to pop a small bit but can still wear my clothes but I do not think for much longer. At least my jeans. I'll have to start wearing the bella band all the time or invest in some of those demi panel jeans. I'll be glad once summer is hear. Dresses will be easier to deal with then jeans all the time.

It was our anniversary on Wednesday! Two years! Even with IF being a PITA, they really have been happy years and I am looking forward to many more. We went to dinner at the best new restaurant and it was delicious. And I really have not missed drinking. I think people need to ask me again in about 3 or 4 more months.

So for fun, J and I were doing old wives tales tests to see what the gender of the baby is. Everything is pointing to girl - ring on a string, Chinese birth chart. I have always thought girl anyway. We are not finding out and I could care what that baby is as long as it is healthy. I had a friend who with her first cried when she found out it was a boy because she wanted a girl so bad. Not this girl, just thankful for this baby no matter what the gender.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wave Hello

Had a bit of a scare on Saturday night. We went out to dinner with friends and on the way home I had cramping. Like the kind you get right before you get your period. I was not too worried until we got home and peed and there was brown spotting in the toilet and when I wiped. I was panicked it was going to turn red so I called the on call doctor and he told me it was pretty normal and to take it easy until today when I could get in to see my doctor. I put myself on bedrest yesterday for the day and the cramping and spotting continued on and off throughout Sunday and last night. I woke up this morning feeling much better in general but still went in to get a scan. I had my first ultrasound on my belly (until we meet again Wandie)and the baby was fine. Heart beating away at 177 bpm and waving hi to mom and dad. I feel 1500% better and now just waiting to have a quick word with my doc. And apparently I have only gained one pound since November, not three. I think I just have lighter clothes on today. My gut kept telling me it was completely normal, my uterus is probably stretching and the blood could have been residual from many things including my cervix exam last week but just seeing the baby moving and being what it should be right now is the best thing for my peace of mind. The one thing I learned from this is I truly believe this baby is mine and I am taking it home healthy. I believe I need to have more faith in my body and my baby. Cause it is our time and this is happening.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That little beating heart

Our first OB visit was yesterday and everything was great. We had to wait a bit to see him (per the usual) and then we were there for three hours! Peed in a cup, bloodwork, got an exam, a cervix check, and an ultrasound to check on the Gobbler. Baby is still doing fine. Was measuring at 8 weeks, 6 days (I was 8 weeks, 4 days) and a heartbeat of 176 bpm. We got a 3D shot of it and it is starting to look a little more like a baby. Every time I see that little beating heart, I just melt. It's so damn cute flickering on that screen pumping so fast. And I just think, that's our baby in there! Which puts me at ease that this pregnancy is real and happening.

The doctor did a great job answering all of our questions. I'm still on restriction to no working out, sex or heavy lifting and although I am off of all the hormones from IVF, I still need to take the baby aspirin. But I should hopefully be fine after the first trimester. I was up about 2 pounds since I was there in November and through my many questions and concerns, I am going to start seeing a nutritionist to keep my weight gain to a minimum. The doc and I both agreed I should not gain more than 10-20 pounds more.

We go back in two and a half weeks for another ultrasound and the MaterniT21plus test which basically is a new kind of blood test they use for Downs (Trisomy 21, 18 and 13). At 36, I am right on the curve where the risk goes up for Downs so we figured this blood test will let us know what our true risk is. I am definitely ruling out having an amniocentesis. It's just not worth the risk.

I did have a little spotting after we went to the doctor which stopped about 2-3 hours after. I wasn't panicked I just figured it was because of the cervix check. But the doctor forgot to mention that and J and I looked it up online. I was fine this morning too so I am sure that it what it was.

So that's it. I have therapy today which should be interesting. I haven't been for about three weeks because of vacation so I am sure I have plenty to talk about. But maybe not. I've just been so happy, content and calm but at the same time kind of to myself. I am just kind of in a weird place not knowing really what to do myself. I think maybe the tiredness is making me feel so weird and that next trimester I begin to feel like myself again. Well at least I hope.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Motivation please

Happy Friday! I just updated my blogroll and added my maternity timeline to the blog today. It is so crazy this pregnancy is REAL!!!! I'm trying to get motivated to get moving. Lots to do and the day is half over. Finally unpacking from our trip. Laundry needs to be done but I may wait until tomorrow. Need to clean the bathroom and change the sheets, hit Target (for all my Easter stuff!) and go visit a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago. And I would like to squeeze in a mani/pedi. It is just hard feeling tired and fatigued. Not that I am complaining. I'll take it with a smile on my face and the biggest song in my heart. I

My first OB appointment is Monday afternoon and I am excited. And only two more days of progesterone and I am free of fertility meds. It does make me nervous to think I probably will not be having an ultrasound until week 12 but I'm going to talk to my OB about it. I just like a little more timely reassurance and I do not want to buy a doppler.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter/Passover!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've been sprung!

We finally got back from vacation last night. The total drive is 19 hours and on the way back we split it into two days. I had not been feeling good, just sooo tired so DH drove both days.

Our vacation was awesome. So when we got to my parents finally in Florida, we stopped at Kmart (only option on the way in) to get a baby frame or something to put our ultrasound pic in. Let me tell ya, it was slim pickings but I found this. I think it says it all.

My parents opened it when we got there and my mom cried. I think my dad kind of knew as I had been avoiding his calls and just short on the phone with him the last month or so but they were both happy and excited. My mom keeps the frame on her nightstand now in their FL home.

The rest of the vacation we spent time at the pool (minimal time in the sun for me, and no swimming per the docs orders), went to Disney for a few days, went to a water park (again no fun for me really), then visited my aunt who lives by this gorgeous beach. We also did a nature drive and saw a few alligators and sea turtles. The rest of the time was a lot of eating and relaxing. I have been afraid to weigh myself but my jeans fit today (I didn't wear jeans once on vacation) so hopefully I didn't gain too much. I tried to walk as much as I could and one day my ankles actually swelled. Damn salt, heat and water retention. Not looking forward to that this summer. We did buy our first thing for the is a baby stuffed Dumbo and it is so damn cute. And perfect for a boy or girl.

But with the exception of wanting to sleep 24 hours a day, I really have no other symptoms. I get a little nausea sometimes, but it is rare. So with the lack of symptoms, I was a little worried about the progression of this pregnancy until today.

This morning my stomach was doing somersaults. So nervous. But we had our second ultrasound today and our baby is doing great. Measuring right on the money at 7 weeks, 6 days and a strong beating heart at 164 bpm. Here is a pic of our lil one!

I was crying when we saw that little beating heart and I knew everything was ok. J was happy because the tech showed us the baby skull and where the brain is growing and he said after, "perfect candidate for science camp." After the ultrasound, our RE happened to be in the clinic today so we got to see him and he basically said we're done! They are sending all of the ultrasound information to my OB and I am officially released. He said I could stop my estrogen patches today (which conveniently I forgot to put a new set on this morning, so maybe the baby knew) and I can stop the progesterone on Sunday. I forgot to ask him about the baby aspirin and when I can work out again but I'll call the nurse later today or tomorrow and ask.

Great ending to a great vacation. Glad to be back. I feel better about everything but think I will feel best once I hit 12 weeks.

I have acupuncture later today. Only four more visits with her and I am sprung there as well!