Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last call for Shots

Time for trigger shot(s) (two Ovidrel shots) tonight at 9 pm. Whoo hoo. Onward and upward to the next step. Just did my last Ganirelex. And I am ready for the retrieval, Thursday 8 am. Crazy to think conception of our possible future child(ren) may occur Thursday afternoon or Friday. I am just excited to hear how they will grow before the transfer.

I went to Target today and stocked up on things to do while I am on bedrest for the few days for both the retrieval and transfer. A true essential - the fall issue of Vogue as I need to know what is "in" this season.  Not necessarily to buy; just to be in the know. I love looking at the pages of Vogue. Even just the ads I like looking at. I also got InStyle, Martha Stewart Living and the new IKEA catalog just came - I like to flag the pages of things I may potentially like if we ever get out of this condo and into a house. And of course, two books  - one Jodi Piccoult, one Jennifer Weiner - mindless reading. I should be stocking up my Tivo too but I am going to try to not watch too much TV.

I'll give another update retrieval day and will be loving tomorrow with no shots!!

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  1. Thursdays are great retrieval days...at least, I think so...it's also my favorite day of the week :)

    There was this study about laughter during IVF, and I read into it. So not watching too much TV wasn't an option. I watched a bunch of old TV comedies and movies. If you're looking to avoid TV, find a super funny book!! I firmly believe laughter helped keep me occupied during the bedrest....not so much after retrieval, but after transfer...LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!