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My husband (J) and I (JoysTruly) met in April of 2008. At first I was not sure if he was my type but by the end of May, I was hooked. He is originally from Denmark and was only suppose to be in the U.S. for 6 months to work. Meeting me changed all of that. We are a good balance of each other, me, high strung, always in a hurry and the planner, my husband, laid back, always positive and living for today. We are both outgoing and try to spend a lot of time together. We enjoy traveling, cooking, hanging with our friends and family. We can be home bodies too. We like trying new things.

We got engaged in December 2008. We had a long engagement which gave us plenty of time to plan and pay for the party of our lives, our wedding in April 2010. We began TTC on our honeymoon in the Philippines which is where my mother is from. I remember walking on the beach and there would be little girls like 5 years of age begging for money. I thought I wish I could take them all home and give a good life. We always talk about considering adopting from here if trying to have our own children does not work out. 

I have a very proactive doctor who suggested due to my age, if I was not pregnant in 6 months to come in to see him. I was tested and everything came back normal. My husband on the other hand was diagnosed with CAVD and we were informed IVF would be our only option of having a baby on our own. We got genetic testing prior to beginning our first cycle and all the results were fine. My husband had his TESE in July 2011 and our first IVF cycle was in August 2011. The results were negative. We decided to take a break prior to our second IVF in February 2012.

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