Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Funday

The weekend has been good. Friday night we went to one of the neighborhood summer fests in our city. I actually had fun despite not drinking. We got home around 11 and got to bed around midnight. We had to get up Saturday morning to go the burbs for my ultrasound and bloodwork. Our city clinic is not open on the weekends. It was so crowded and a long wait and not as up to date as the city spot is. The tech was hilarious, a man and from NYC so we had a nice chat. It still amazes me when going to the clinic how many women are affected by IF and how different everyone is - all shapes, sizes, ages, nationalities, sexual orientations. And I feel it is becoming a topic people are talking more openly about. At least I am.

We got back to the city and I headed over to have brunch with my friends and their kids at one of our friend's houses. It was so fun. All the kids were so cute and no meltdowns, fights etc. Three of my friends are pregnant with their second so my hope is I will be there right along with them.  After I got home, my husband and I did not do anything the rest of the day or night. I just feel sore, bloated, crampy, puffy so we just stayed in watched a few movies.

So apparently I should not bet in Vegas. No trigger shot tonight like I thought, maybe tomorrow. My drug protocol is still the same, Menopur, Gonal F, Ganirelex so maybe after my results tomorrow I'll be ready. Still 8 big ol eggs growning away. I didn't get measurements or numbers, I was at the brunch when they called and really what is the point as I am going back Mon. I'm glad the stim phase is almost over,  I want these eggs to come out and see what gets fertilized.

Today I am about to make us a nice breakfast and then we are going to lay by our pool, just my Husby and me. He has not been swimming because of his surgery then just being busy so it will be nice to relax. Then tonight, off to see our home team play some baseball with my sister and her family.

I'll give an update tomorrow...have a great summer Sunday!!!

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