Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Whopper of a kid

33 weeks. 7 to go. Holy cow. This has been a very eventful week. Let me just outline it all.

1) Our shower was sooo much fun. We got many wonderful things and I totally feel prepared. It is always so fun to have everyone you love in the same room. My mom even surprised us with two crocheted blankets. I love them! And she has never done that for any of her other grandkids. I guess that is what retirement does. We did receive everything we need however I will never ever recommend for any to register at Target. They do not update the registry for certain things and I got so many duplicates. Plus I received another gift in the mail with no packing slip. My whole experience there really sucked. Even when initially I went there to register. Anyhow, the returns have been returned and the majority of items are at my mom's now. More on that later.

2) Sunday I had my maternity pics taken. I have not seen any of them yet but we had some really great locations. Down by the harbor and at a park. It took about an hour and half so I am hoping there are at least a few good ones!

3) We sold the condo on Monday. We got the price we wanted and we need to move by 10/28. Great. The baby is told daily its only job is to stay in there until the move is over. Let's hope it cooperates.

4) After we found out we sold the condo, we have a doc appointment. We got the 3D ultrasound! That baby is damn cute and all I kept thinking is I cannot wait to kiss that face. Apparently too this kid has a head of hair. So it makes me soo much more excited than I already am. The baby is very healthy, 143BPM heartbeat, but humungous. 6 lbs! I cannot even believe this. I mean I can because my husband and I are not small people (I'm 5'8", he's 6'3") but already??? This whole month I gained no weight but carting around this huge kid. If the doctor is correct, and I go full term, this baby could be a big one. I cannot imagine laboring a 10 pound kid but I guess I should get comfortable with the idea. Plus I have been told by some that larger babies eat and sleep better. I guess we'll see about that.

Right now my focus has to be packing up this place and moving to my mom's by Oct. 22ish. If the baby can just stay in there until then, it will all be fine. Obviously living at my mom's with my first newborn is not ideal, but the thought of having to move twice is less appealing. Plus depending how long we are there, my parents leave to winter in Florida after Christmas so we only would have them around until then. But we have to find a house. I looked today with my realtor and found one with potential but J needs to see it so we are going to go again tomorrow. I'm just not sold on the location and it is a bit more than we wanted to spend. But it is basically brand new. A well done rehabbed home, that we could move right into. This whole thing is a lot at once and I do not want to be rushed into buying something because I think we need to.

I had a feeling this would happen, we'd sell the condo and the baby would basically be on its way out of me at the closing. But again, this is a problem I want to have. Because I really didn't want to have the baby here at the condo anyway. It's just too loud of a place for a baby, and it is only one bedroom. I mean we could have done it but now we do not have to.

The rest of this year is going to be so interesting....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Interesting Comment

So I'm sitting at the salon right now getting a much needed cut and color and I heard the most interesting comment. There is a mom here who is getting her hair dyed and said, "my daughter is a year and a half now so it's time for me to get back to taking care of myself."

I don't mean to judge but for me, I hope it does not take me a year and a half to pay attention to myself again. Not that I am naive about the time it takes to take care of a kid, cause I am not, but at the same time I think you can make your priorities as you see fit. I've seen all of my mom friends do it. You need a cut and color, you get a sitter. You want to go on a date with your husband, you get a sitter. I've waited so long to meet this baby that I know once it is here and I am in love with it will be hard to leave it. However a happy mom is good I think when trying to have a happy baby. So my goal is to still make time for myself as well as enjoy my baby.

32 weeks! Woohoo! My shower is tomorrow (hence the need for a day of beauty) so I am excited. This is the last thing that needs to occur in order for me to feel ready for this baby to come. I ordered my breast pump yesterday. I decided on the Medela Freestyle because I liked the flexibility of it more than the Pump in Style and it was such a deal. In the store it is like $340 plus tax which is 10% where we live but throught my husbands lactation program $230 delivered. Anywhere we can save makes me happy. We still have two more classes (infant care and breastfeeding) to take at the hospital but even without them I'm feeling ready. My weight still has been good but it seems my nose and lips are growing by the day. I plan on curling my hair tomorrow to offset them. 

With the exception of waking myself up from the snoring I have going on, I'm still all around feeling good. So thankful I have had such a good pregnancy.

Monday is my 32 week ultrasound. The doctor is doing it so I am about 85% sure it will be a 3D ultrasound. I am curious to see this baby's face. I still think it will look like my husband but I guess we shall see.

Let's see what else? Oh, we may have a potential buyer for the condo! They came to look at it on Monday, were suppose to come back on Tuesday but didn't and just decided to make an offer. We do not know what it is because it seems the broker on their end has the offer but they have not signed it yet. Come on people. Pregnant woman waiting to figure out where she is gonna end up bringing her baby home to. We go back and forth. I'd like to have a quick closing and go live at my mom's. They will only be here until after Christmas then they go to their Florida home to winter. It will give us a good chance to save an obscene amount of money while taking our time to look for a house. Because even right now there are no houses I have seen online currently that I am dying to look at or buy. And I do not think rushing into buying a house is a good thing even if we do have a newborn. One of my friends suggested maybe renting from the new owner but I don't think it will work. The guy is buying it as an investment but his brother is going to live here so I am sure he will want to move in right away.  It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I've really just been preparing to bring the baby home in our condo. Lots of changes but all very exciting!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Big 3-0

30 weeks today! wow, time really does fly. Only 10 more weeks. Obviously I am very interested in 1) are you a boy or a girl? and 2) who do you look like? My husband is white, blond hair, blue eyed. I am brown, with brown eyes and brown hair. So it really is a crap shoot on what this kid will look like. Three of my four nephews on my side all have light eyes and only two have really brown skin. It makes me so excited to meet this one!

I've been feeling good still. Sleep has been good for now. But I feel more tired during the day then I did in my first trimester. And the side sleeping is killing me. I always end up on my back. At my 28 week appointment, I had officially gained 16 lbs in total. It made me happy HOWEVER 7 of that was in the last four weeks, which made me a bit nervous I am rolling downhill fast. It seems this baby is bulking up. Hopefully these last weeks I don't gain too much weight. My doctor does have me now coming to see him every two weeks already because of the IVF and the fibroid incident so I go back on Monday. I first thought I would go full term with this one but now maybe I am thinking it will come early. Not that I want it to. Me and the baby had many conversations where I have stated it needs to stay in there at minimum another 6 weeks, then it can come anytime.

Today we picked up our infant car seat and Pack n Play. J works closely with Rubbermaid so we got 50% off of both! So I did not register for either of these knowing they were such a good deal. When we got home I took the car seat out of the box and cried! Damn hormones. All I keep thinking is this is real, there is a baby inside of me that will be using this seat that we will be responsible for. Pregnancy is so funny. At least for me it may not hit me 100% until this baby is out that it is really happening.

I've been so happy to read about a few new pregnancies! Hooray for Emily at a blanket 2 keep and Toni at Who is this Fertile Myrtle?! And all the new babies being born as well as the ones getting so big! It's amazing how many of these blogs have changed so much in this last year.

I'm still praying for all of you still waiting for your babes. Every night a special prayer for all of you.

Well I guess that is it for now. I need to be better at updating not just reading!