Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now just waiting

Back to the waiting place I once spoke of here but different in the sense we are waiting for our baby's arrival!  I'm 35 weeks as of tomorrow and know this kid can come every day. My gut tells me it will prob stay in there through October which is fine with me. We are ready to go.

A lot has happened since my last post. Our contract on the condo fell through so it looks as though we are staying. I believe in timing and the gods are telling us it just is not out time to move yet. First we are only about a 7 minute drive to the hospital, not that I am worried but if the baby were to come early and be in the hospital we are very close. Second, my doctor as well as the pediatrician are a 20 minute bus ride away. Which will matter when I start having to see him weekly in a bit. If we would have been at my mom's it is over an hour away and could be more in traffic.

We'll keep the condo on the market until the lil one appears but then it will be taken off of the market until probably March. Although small, I cannot imagine keeping this place clean and showing it with a newborn here. At this point J and I have accepted happily that this is where we will bring our baby home. It will be comfy and cozy while we adjust through the winter.

We ordered a changer/dresser, a storage cube and have found a place for everything right now. We have the Co-Sleeper bassinet where the baby will snooze, will keep a pack n play in the living room and everything else has a place in the dresser, cabinet, closet and under the bed. We actually put the furniture together this weekend and it went fairly well. If this kid for some reason outgrows the bassinet before we get out of here, we'll put the crib together here too. Then it will probably be really crowded.

So I think the only thing left is to order a new dining table in chairs. We are getting a round one (loving this one) which will take up only half of the space our other table is now to give us room for the pack and play. It will be interesting when people come to visit but nothing we can do but make the best of our situation which we are.

I had a doctor appointment this week. Everything on track. I did gain 4 pounds (whoops!) but at this point I know it is all going to the baby. And with only 5 weeks left, and only 20 pounds gain, I am pretty proud of myself.

I am so ready to workout again however. It's a workout in itself carrying my belly around but I know I am so less toned. Which is why I love having the baby now. I am hoping to come out this spring feeling, healed, good and healthy for my baby and my husband and myself.

I will really miss being pregnant, so much anxiety right now about becoming a mom (this is what happens when all you have time to do is think). I just want to always do what's right for the baby.