Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pain Pain Go Away

Still in pain today. Which I cannot even believe. Bloated, swollen, sore. I didn't take anything for the pain before bed last night and at 5:30 this morning I had to take something. And then this morning just feel ick. Thank God for a Tuesday transfer! There it is again our lucky number 5 for 5 day transfer! So glad, I just do not want anything or anyone near my abdomen right now or tomorrow. I am hoping by Tues I am recovered from the retrieval. And I am glad to know our little embryos are behaving themselves at the lab and growing nicely.

We are going to try tonight to go out to dinner for steak. I do not mind the high protein diet knowing a good ol' steak is coming my way. Plus I need to get out of this house. I just hoping I am feeling ok. The other thing is I am so bloated my stomach fills up quick while eating. Whatever is going on down there and in there needs to stop.

Only drugs I am on right now are the baby aspirin and the Crinone cream. I'll finish my Zpack tomorrow from the retrieval. And I am so glad for no more shots!

So we are happy today! Dane and I gave each other the biggest hug after the lab called. And we are watching Liverpool (Dane's Favorite Premier League Soccer team) and they are winning. Happy Saturday!


  1. Sorry you're in so much pain! Feeling like a mother hen after my experience, I want to say lots of things about resting and paying attention to your body, etc. So funny what these experiences do to us! Here's hoping the pain goes away soon, you enjoy every bit of your steak dinner, and your well-behaved embies are the key to your dreams! Best of luck!

  2. Sorry for the pain. I was just so bloated and uncomfortable. Hope the transfer goes well.