Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 6 Update

Things are moving slowly but surely. So they measured 8 follicles today (5 on my right at 8.7, 9.0, 9.3, 10.9, 11.2 and 3 on the left 9.2, 15, 15.2) but the tech mentioned (or maybe assumed) there were a few more small ones. I hope we get a lot.  I am hoping for at least 15 as I know most likely all will not be mature and all will not fertilize. Trying not to stress about it, again I have no control over it and stress is not good right now. I am adding the Ganirelix tonight for what I am assuming is to ensure I do not ovulate early. Back on Saturday for an ultrasound and blood work. If I had to guess, I am would put my money on a trigger shot Sunday night with my retrieval on Tuesday. All speculation and estimates on my part. Hmmmm wonder if I will be right. Slightly bummed I have to go out to the burbs as the city clinic is not open but it is what it is and I will be there early enough to beat any sort of traffic there and back.

I've been feeling achy and crampy today in the ovarian region. I was going to go for a long walk again today but maybe just a short one. My friend and her 17 month year old son came over today to swim. We live in a high rise condominium so it is nice we have a pool. He was soooo cute and such a good boy and of course it is always nice to catch up with a friend. Seems harder these days with my friends who are my age as everyone has kids and it is summer so everyone is soo busy.

Pretty boring today, the anticipation of all this is building up however. I am just ready for the 2 week wait already. I'll give another update on Saturday. Hope everyone is doing well and feeling well.

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  1. Hey there! Thank u for ur sweet comment on my blog. I love new followers! :) I look forward to following ur journey as well. Good luck w ur IVF! I'll be checking back for updates! :)

    Big hugs to u!