Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something to Strive For

Nothing really going on with me. I have been reading all of your blogs but nothing eventful going on with mine. Yesterday was my mom's 65th birthday. We had dinner with my entire family (not very big, just 12 of us) and the women looks good for her age. Amazing Asian genes I believe. She is pretty petite and little, but she also works out almost every day. She sometimes watches watch she eats and sometimes will eat three Magnum bars in a day. Yes, three.  She doesn't smoke, never has and drinks minimally. She does however have arthritis in her hands. I think the women will live to 100 (I hope). It puts in perspective why I should be striving to be healthy, to live long with my husband and hopefully kids. I cannot control the future but can control my decisions right now. So I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind.

I am getting excited for the holidays coming up. I love fall. Halloween is always fun and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. We'll be in Denmark for Christmas but we also debating a road trip while we are there. Which is funny, I usually hate car trips but driving in Europe and seeing little gems along with way sounds appealing. We are thinking of driving to Amsterdam (I have a friend who lives there) then heading down to Belgium. I need to start researching today. At least it is something else to look forward to before doing our second round of IVF. I am not completely against doing one in maybe November but it is all dependent on what the doctor says. But I cannot say I am ready to do it again. Just afraid of another negative outcome. We'll figure it out.


  1. Hey there sweetie! Been thinking of u alot and been wanting to stop by to say a quick hello and that I'm sending u lots and lots of hugs, prayers, strength.. Etc. You are such an inspiration and I know u will get ur dream come true soon. Ahhhhh I am seriously jealous of that Europe drive!! How amazing will that be! Please take pictures!!! :D this is going to be such an awesome experience that's for sure!

    ((hugs to u!)) and IVF #2... sounds pretty promising to me! ;)

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! And yay for great genes! My birth mother has looked the same since I met her 17 years ago. No joke! I'm just praying I inherited whatever genetic cocktail she got :) Your Christmas plans sound amazing. I'm jealous! Thinking of you :)