Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So today I have been reviewing and compiling questions for or RE regarding our cycle for our follow-up next week. Most of them have to do with our eggs and sperm and the whole fertilization/growing period. I am assuming that he will have this information the day we meet? I am hoping it is something they just put in your file and that we do not have to have a separate discussion with the embryologist. Anyone have comments on how any of their follow-ups have gone? I just do not want to show up with all these questions and leave with no answers. I think I will ask what information he will have when they confirm our appointment time. I want to leave feeling good, that we are putting this round to rest and onward and upward for the next round.

Day 1 of counting calories/meals went well. I will say although I was not that big fan of the kickboxing class it was a great workout. Every muscle in my body is sore today to the point where my hubs needed to help me out of bed. I am hoping my workout today will loosen up some of that lactic acid. I wish I really liked that class more but the studio also wanted me to commit for a year too which I obviously cannot do going through IVF.


  1. I was actually going to suggest asking what information the doctor will have when you confirm the appointment, but you beat me to it =) Good luck with the workouts! As a person who lists "walking" (and not the speed/long distance kind) as her workout of choice, I really admire you!!

  2. Perhaps you can ask what grade the embryo's were that you transferred? Perhaps you already know that. The hardest part to working out is getting out the door to do it. You can do it!