Monday, September 12, 2011

Much Better Outlook

Feeling much better this Monday AM. Hopeful and excited to try again. This weekend was good. Friday my husband and I just took the night to ourselves. Saturday we went to the burbs to be with family which made us both feel better. And then we closed out the weekend at our hometown NFL opener! We have season tickets which I had almost put out of my mind because I kept thinking I would not go to the games if I was pregnant because I could not drink. But I went yesterday and actually didn't drink anyway but the game was so exciting! Glad I was there and me and my hubs had a great time.

I also got my period during the game yesterday (nice, huh?) so today I am going to call to see when we can go for our follow-up. We'll see what they say but we are thinking of waiting a bit until we try again and considering changing doctors. I already have a list of questions to ask so I do not forget anything. With the most important being about our sucky embryologist who needs to take a communication class. I think the earliest we could probably try again is November (I am sure I need a full normal non-stimulated cycle in between) and with the holidays are coming up, we plan on traveling to Europe to see my husband's family for Christmas. Traveling and the stress of worrying about all this just do not go together. So we are leaning towards trying again in the New Year. But we'll see what they say.

Last night I watched a ton of coverage on 9-11. That put my life in perspective real quick. Especially looking at all of those children who never got to know their dads. And all of those first responders and survivors who have the burden of reliving that horrible day still. Life is not fair. And how we live it day by day is what matters. Not what has happened or what may or may not happen. It is not in my nature to harp on something and be sad. I am stronger than that. I kept telling myself Friday, "Today we will cry and be sad, but tomorrow we won't." This is just our first bump in what I think will be a very long road. But I am ready for it. Bring it on.

I do want to say thank you to everyone for so much support through all of this. To all my fellow bloggers out there, you do not even know how much it means to me to know there are people out there who do know how I feel and are rooting for me 100%. Thanks for taking the time to send me a note or a prayer. And I have found so much strength in all of you. The start of my journey is nothing compared to what some of you have been through.

And of course thank you to all of my wonderful family and friends. For all of you listening and wanting and wishing the best for me and my husband. We love you all very much.

And lastly to my husband. Thanks for emphasizing to me that we can do anything no matter what as long as we have each other. I do not care what our road map is as long as I can ride through it with you.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I'm sorry I'm late with this, but I'm so sorry this cycle didn't work out. Sending huge, huge hugs your way! I'm glad you're feeling hopeful. Sometimes it's so hard to be positive, and I really admire your attitude. I'm thinking of you!!!

  2. im sorry im late as well in commenting. Im so sorry that this cycle didn't work for you. =( just isn't fair. i wish I had a magic wand right now and wave it your direction. I love how you have a positive attitude and will be moving on. And Im so happy you have such an amazing hubby! How sweeeeet! Don't give up ok. Your baby is near.

    ((big hugs))