Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I've been sprung!

We finally got back from vacation last night. The total drive is 19 hours and on the way back we split it into two days. I had not been feeling good, just sooo tired so DH drove both days.

Our vacation was awesome. So when we got to my parents finally in Florida, we stopped at Kmart (only option on the way in) to get a baby frame or something to put our ultrasound pic in. Let me tell ya, it was slim pickings but I found this. I think it says it all.

My parents opened it when we got there and my mom cried. I think my dad kind of knew as I had been avoiding his calls and just short on the phone with him the last month or so but they were both happy and excited. My mom keeps the frame on her nightstand now in their FL home.

The rest of the vacation we spent time at the pool (minimal time in the sun for me, and no swimming per the docs orders), went to Disney for a few days, went to a water park (again no fun for me really), then visited my aunt who lives by this gorgeous beach. We also did a nature drive and saw a few alligators and sea turtles. The rest of the time was a lot of eating and relaxing. I have been afraid to weigh myself but my jeans fit today (I didn't wear jeans once on vacation) so hopefully I didn't gain too much. I tried to walk as much as I could and one day my ankles actually swelled. Damn salt, heat and water retention. Not looking forward to that this summer. We did buy our first thing for the is a baby stuffed Dumbo and it is so damn cute. And perfect for a boy or girl.

But with the exception of wanting to sleep 24 hours a day, I really have no other symptoms. I get a little nausea sometimes, but it is rare. So with the lack of symptoms, I was a little worried about the progression of this pregnancy until today.

This morning my stomach was doing somersaults. So nervous. But we had our second ultrasound today and our baby is doing great. Measuring right on the money at 7 weeks, 6 days and a strong beating heart at 164 bpm. Here is a pic of our lil one!

I was crying when we saw that little beating heart and I knew everything was ok. J was happy because the tech showed us the baby skull and where the brain is growing and he said after, "perfect candidate for science camp." After the ultrasound, our RE happened to be in the clinic today so we got to see him and he basically said we're done! They are sending all of the ultrasound information to my OB and I am officially released. He said I could stop my estrogen patches today (which conveniently I forgot to put a new set on this morning, so maybe the baby knew) and I can stop the progesterone on Sunday. I forgot to ask him about the baby aspirin and when I can work out again but I'll call the nurse later today or tomorrow and ask.

Great ending to a great vacation. Glad to be back. I feel better about everything but think I will feel best once I hit 12 weeks.

I have acupuncture later today. Only four more visits with her and I am sprung there as well!


  1. We have the exact same due date! I'm 7 weeks, 6 days today as well! How funny! I have my next ultrasound on Saturday and I'm already feeling nervous, but my symptoms have been strong so fingers crossed! Sounds like a perfect vacation. I love Dumbo!!!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I have always wanted to visit Florida. Getting released from RE, that is a big step in the right direction. Congrats on all the great news!

  3. Wonderful news... glad your US went so well and that you've graduated to your OB :)) Such a huge step :) Lovely that you had such a great holiday and that you could tell your parents in person... must have been such a magical moment :) Love to you and bub xoxo

    PS. I've taken my blog public again today... so it will be much easier to follow from now on :)) xoxo

    1. Great! I have you on the bottom of my blog roll but now that u are public I'll reprogram and you should be back in the roll as you update. :) Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. I love your adorable gift you got your mom!!! How exciting to share the news!!! Just so incredibly happy for you!!!! :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, and what a neat way to announce it to your parents! I love love love Disney World!

    Congrats on being released from your RE!

  6. Happy Graduation! So happy that everything is going well!

  7. so glad things are going well!!

  8. Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful vacation! I love Dumbo. Such a cute toy for your baby. So happy your little one is growing perfectly!