Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Motivation please

Happy Friday! I just updated my blogroll and added my maternity timeline to the blog today. It is so crazy this pregnancy is REAL!!!! I'm trying to get motivated to get moving. Lots to do and the day is half over. Finally unpacking from our trip. Laundry needs to be done but I may wait until tomorrow. Need to clean the bathroom and change the sheets, hit Target (for all my Easter stuff!) and go visit a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago. And I would like to squeeze in a mani/pedi. It is just hard feeling tired and fatigued. Not that I am complaining. I'll take it with a smile on my face and the biggest song in my heart. I

My first OB appointment is Monday afternoon and I am excited. And only two more days of progesterone and I am free of fertility meds. It does make me nervous to think I probably will not be having an ultrasound until week 12 but I'm going to talk to my OB about it. I just like a little more timely reassurance and I do not want to buy a doppler.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter/Passover!


  1. Aww I love your baby ticker, so cute! I know the day I quit progesterone was a great day. A few days after I was actually able to sit down :)

  2. Fantastic... 8 weeks already :)) Time is flying :) Take it easy... there is plenty of time to get things done... be gentle on yourself xoxo

  3. :D Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you for all of your support and kind words! They really do help me feel better! Have a great week!