Monday, April 30, 2012

Closet Overhaul

So this weekend it had to be done. As I approach my 12th week, I had to get some new jeans. I have two pairs of regular jeans that fit me comfortable only because I bought them a size larger than I normally am. I tried Gap Maternity but they did not have my size at the store so off to Destination Maternity I went. I opted for the demi panel ones which are comfortable but still slip down a little. I love having a lil belly (well at least bigger than it normally is) now knowing the baby is growing away. I also got some tops too, ones I can wear tighter for now with a belt than grow into.

I had a bachelorette party on Saturday night. I broke in one of the jeans. I had to wear a bella band too to keep them from slipping too low, but they were comfy. It was actually very fun despite not drinking. The wedding is in two weeks and I need to get a dress for that too.

So at this point I think the only clothes I am going to keep in my closet is my growing collection of maternity clothes (hoping to get double use if I can get pregnant with #2), shoes and a few dresses. I'm going to completely clean out my closet and put everything in storage. Our condo is going on the market in a few weeks so the more we can declutter the better. And I figure if we are still there in the fall/winter, I can just get what I need out of storage then. I just need to light a fire under myself to get going. I need to clean out our bookcase and put that in storage plus our main closet in the hallway and get rid of some kitchen stuff. Thank God we have a storage space. But after all this I think is is going to be pretty full.

We found a house we really liked yesterday. But the problem is we have to sell our condo and it is not even on the market yet. This is why you should never look for a house until your place is sold. But I think we need to see it again. The kitchen is a bit small and so is the yard but we really liked everything else. But both of these things were high on priority list so maybe now it is not for us. Ho hum.We are going to talk to our mortgage agent today see if we can see it again and if there are any options for us because our place is not on the market yet but soon will be.  I woke up at 3 with my mind racing about this dumb house.I know there is a huge change (more than 80%) we are still going to be living here when the baby is born and I am just gonna roll with it. We only live in a one bedroom condo and they are a dime a dozen around here so I see this being a long process. But I am only stressing about the things I can control which right now is decluttering this place and saying every extra dollar we have.

Today I had a doctor appointment. So happy to see the babe again! I just want to know everything is a-ok in there. I'm sure it is but I just love seeing this lil thing up on the screen.


  1. I went shopping this weekend too. I also started packing away all of the things I can't fit into anymore, which is a lot. Regular pants just aren't comfy anymore. I ended up going to Pea in the Pod to get a couple pairs of pants and Gap Maternity for tops. I lucked out with sales at both places. Isn't it just so much fun having an extra excuse to shop?! I had a doctor appointment today as well. I wish I could see the baby on that screen everyday. Too bad that ultrasound machine costs so much ;) Glad everything is going well for you. It's so nice having fellow bloggers to go through this process with, especially since I don't know anyone close to me who is. Can't wait to see another u/s pic!

  2. Can't wait to hear how your doctor's appointment goes! Have fun shopping!

  3. Wow... buying and selling - so huge and so much fun once you get to your new place :)) The perfect place will appear when you look :)) Love that you're getting your maternity clothes and great that you saw your bub again :)) xoxo

  4. Glad things are going well with the pregnancy! We just moved into a house and it's so nice, moving at 24 weeks, not so much but still nice.