Friday, January 13, 2012

Water Works

Sorry for the radio silence again. Just finding a good time to write. My week has been good. I am in this reorganization mode. We had our first snow yesterday (so pretty) so I am fine with staying in and organizing. And Container Store is having an Elfa sale so I may take on the task of full organization of our linen closet. It's just not linens, because we live in a condo everything goes in there, all cleaning supplies, toiliet paper, paper towels, toiletries so it really needs to be reconfigured. A good thing to put my energy into.

I was a crying mess at therapy on Tuesday. I do not know what it is about that place that brings the tears. I'm fine all week then bam. Maybe because I bottle it up and try to seem like everything is fine. I play the game of being thankful for what I have in my head. All I know is I will be in a better place this next cycle. One of my assignments from her was to talk to my husband about my true feelings about it. Which I have already done this week and it brought more tears. At some point I will be all cried out.

I also go to acupuncture on Tuesdays. It was my first time back since the holidays. It is so crazy. One minute needles in and awake, then bam totally sleeping. I really like it. I cannot believe how much it takes out of me, I was exhausted that night. I have seen changes in my periods so hopefully this is going to make this next IVF cycle different as well. I am really glad I am going.

And we have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight dinner and a comedy show with friends. Tomorrow my Danish teacher is having his Christmas party and J and I are going to go. And J is off on Monday for MLK day so hopefully a little fun then too.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ohhhh the container store!!! love it!
    Glad you have therapy to help get those tears out, they obviously need to. I hope all those plans this weekend give you lots of smiles :)

  2. I have a feeling I will be all cried out when I go to therapy on Thursday. I have cried more this weekend than I have in the past few months! Glad you are letting it all out.