Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spin me right round

Back on the workout train and feeling good. I went to spin this morning bright and early at 6:30. They got new bikes which are really nice and the instructor gave me a "Welcome back!" Glad I am finally back and the cold I got in Denmark is finally subsiding. Just bummed to think I need to stop in a few weeks. So crazy that our next IVF starts in just a few weeks. Getting more excited than scared.

I heard from one of my RE's nurses yesterday and they are waiting for him to write up my schedule and drug dosages. Excited to see what will be different. I have taken inventory of the drugs I have from last time and hoping when I am talking to the pharmacy they can take those drugs into account so at the end I am not stuck with all these drugs. Right now I have two full Gonal F pens, 15 vials of Menopur, 15 packs of Crinone, 6 Vivelle packages and some pain meds.

Glad the weekend is almost here. I have not seen my friends since the holiday madness and I can use some fun and socialization. Being locked in all week has made me a bit crazy.


  1. It's always exciting and scary starting anything IF related. Sounds like you have a good supply of drugs already, hopefully you can use them again. Yay for working out, I sure do miss it like crazy!

  2. I will praying for you to get your BFP! :) SO exciting and scary all at the same time- Just know we are ALL rooting for you! :)