Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Workout Update

I finally got into a good workout routine. I needed to change it up a bit. I am kind of over running. It just takes so long to really be good at it building endurance and stamina and if you fall off the wagon, its like starting over. So I bit the bullet and joined a gym which would seem like a waste of money because we have a workout room in our building. But I am more motivated when I have somewhere to go. Plus with not working it has been a great habit to get into. I ended up joining the Y. There is a nice one buy us, cheaper than most gyms and it is only month to month, which totally is great for when we do our next cycle, I can quit and then go back when I can workout again.  I have been taking spin classes but  I really need to start going on the weekend too. I know I would be losing weight if I could just sew my lips shut. I have lost a few pounds but nothing to write home about. Ugh.

J had another workout with "The Babymaker" aka our embryologist. Apparently he was wearing a Manny Pacquiao shirt (famous boxer) so J started a conversation with him about the Philippines. The embryologist is Filipino and J told him I was too and that we went there on our honeymoon. So they were sharing stories about some of the places we and he had been.  Glad they have a continued dialogue going.

So I need to keep it up in the workout arena. I've been feeling great at least. Those endorphins, always a good pick me up.

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  1. Good for you! I wish I had worked out more regularly (haha--I mean "at all") before doing our IVF cycle because it's so much easier/safer to exercise while pregnant when you've been doing it all along. I bet you'll be in such great shape by the time your next cycle rolls around!