Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Workout Buddy

J has taken up Cross-Fit the new fitness craze as his workout drug of choice. Yesterday he came home and was like you are never going to guess who was in my Cross-Fit session today. I guess they all go by nicknames (J's is The Dane) They have a board where they keep track of their progress but they do it by nicknames. He is working out and looks at this guy and thinks to himself, I think I know him. He looks on the board at the guy's nickname which is "Babymaker" and he figures out it was our embryologist. J talked to him and asked him if he worked at our RE's office, yes and J proceeded to tell him you were our embryologist, it didn't work, this was what we transferred blah, blah. And I guess the guy was really nice...told J I usually remember names not faces, (figures, scientist) but you should absolutely try again, sometimes the body does not know what to do, and I think it can for sure work for you guys based on the ratings etc. So completely promising, which I already knew from our RE but I really did not want him to be our embryologist again. But then I thought maybe J can get in good with this guy so that he can have a vested interest in us. Then we may want him to be our embryologist again. And maybe with a vested interest, he'll be better at communicating and play some special attention to our case as opposed to treating it like any other day at work. We'll see how it pans out but just totally random. We live in a major city, but this guy works at the suburban IVF clinic where the lab is and this workout session was smack dab in the middle of the day. Maybe coincidence, but maybe not.

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  1. Wow, what a coincidence! I hope if you do go with him again, you'll have a better experience. I'm not sure what the norm is, but I didn't speak to my embryologist at all until the day of the transfer--and even then, she didn't say much. I got 3 very brief updates from my RE/nurse before the ET (ie: "you have 8 embryos." "now you have 7.") I didn't even get my first update until 2 days after the retrieval, and I definitely remember wishing I had a more communicative lab. That said, maybe becoming friends with Babymaker (lol!) will get you more personalized updates. I sure hope so!!