Monday, October 3, 2011

Innocent comment

I was just talking over text with a friend of mine who recently got married. We used to work together and she is a good friend. I met my husband on match; she met hers about 6 months later on eHarmony. We both had long engagements and she just got married a few weeks ago (week before the fun city wedding and day of beauty). Last time we had dinner she told me they wanted to have kids right away so she was going to go off BC right after the wedding. So today we were texting and she asked how everything was going. I told her it didn't work (we had found out right before her wedding) and that we were going to try again in early 2012. She commented that maybe in the meantime we would get pregnant naturally. I told no, it really cannot work that way for us, gave her a quick synopsis of the sperm situation, J's surgery and how the sperm are frozen away at our IVF lab and that IVF is the only option. And then I made a joke about me never having to worry about birth control again.

It was nice of her to be hopeful that another option may work for us, but I did explain IVF is hard to understand unless you are going through it due to the many factors. Everyone's situation is soooo different, it blows my mind. It's funny that the fertiles or potential fertiles are kind of naive and uninformed to all of it. And God Bless them. I wish none of this on anyone. I just wish it was easier to explain.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhh i totally know what you mean!! this is probably the main reason why i don't go into detail about sperm donor with my family. Because they just won't get it!!! they're naive and I honestly don't have the patience to explain every single thing about it. but ur right.. god bless them for caring and nope.. we certainly dont wish this on anyone. Its horrible! =(