Monday, October 3, 2011

Psychic Readings

I needed another post today on a different subject. I had purchased a mid Century dresser and nightstand (one on Craigslist, one at an antique store) and had them refurbished. We had them delivered a few weeks ago but they had been sitting in our living room and we finally had time this weekend to move them on in. So I was cleaning my old nightstand and I found this journal that contained notes from all of my past psychic meetings. During my twenties, my friends and I would go see this coffee bean reader. She was Greek so you would go to her house and she would make Greek coffee, you would drink it and the remains of the coffee would dry onto the interior of the cup and she would read it. We did for fun but of course, who doesn't want to maybe know their future? In reviewing the notes over like 4 years (one reading a year) a few things showed up about kids. In one reading I have a note that says, "Mishaps prone with pregnancy...questions marks in the pregnancy line." In a later reading I had asked about kids (the pattern was in most of these I asked about marriage, kids and jobs) and she saw me having only one child, prominent near my pregnancy line, a little girl.  And then in my very last reading from 2005 (which I know was a totally different lady who read tarot cards) there is a note I would have a child at least a year after marriage (check), as late as age 35 (check) and only showing one. By no means do I believe 100% in this stuff, always more for fun, but it was interesting to see some parallels.

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