Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Just feeling kind of eh. I get in a funk every now and again because I feel I just don't know what I am doing. I know we are going to do another round of IVF early next year, the holidays are coming up and we'll be traveling but I just think I need to be doing something else. I do enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making my day what I want it to be but I am not really feeling a purpose right now. One of my friends told me this weekend, "Stop feeling guilty. Just enjoy this time. It won't be like this forever." She's right, I wish I was not feeling guilty but at times I do.

I found out on FB yesterday too that the girl from high school I mentioned in this post is pregnant. When I was at the clinic for my baseline, she had to be going for her beta to have announced it yesterday. So another successful IVF pregnancy. Kind of got me down but I'm fine.

I decided to start looking into finding an acupuncture place because I plan on doing it starting now through our next cycle. I called one today and am waiting to hear back when I can go check it out. Good 'ol AF arrived yesterday and I actually totally forgot it was time to have it, but it did light a fire under me. I am going to email one of my RE's nurses this week to get the ball rolling for the next round.  I am sure I have to call the insurance company again and go through all the approvals again, etc. I figure I can get it all out of the way now before the holiday madness so we are ready to roll in Jan.

I had lunch today with my dad and he brought me some things my mom and my sister had gotten at the Catholic store. A St. Gerard (patron saint, Expectant Mothers) necklace, statue and prayer card. I was happy to get them because I was going to get one anyway. Sweet gesture.

Oprah has a new show on her network called Lifeclass. The first episode was yesterday and it talked about our egos and finding a way to step away from them in order to find our true selfs and happiness. It was interesting.

I am so boring this week, just dealing with random things. J is out of town for a week which is no fun. I miss having him around. I'm going to make us a nice welcome home dinner Fri. night.

Seems all my preggo blogger friends are all doing well and I am glad to hear it! I really do enjoy reading everyone's progress, so keep it up!!


  1. I wear the St. Gerard medal everyday!! :) A blogger friend gave it to me. I also recite the prayer out loud once a day. :)

  2. The statue of the Virgin Mary my cousin brought me from the shrine Our Lady of the Island in New York came with a St Gerard prayer card. The "rules" say I have to say the memorare every night and my mom has to say the St Gerard prayer every night. As far as I'm concerned it's worked....I wish I could get a statue like this for everyone, but I have to keep the one I have in the nursery until the baby is born. I then have to "present" my baby to the real life statue at the shrine in New York with in a year of her birth.

    I'll have to find out if I have to do this for all my kids or if I can use the same statue after I make the presentation :)

    Keeping you in my prayers! I hope you love the acupuncture. I still go once a month now and in a couple of weeks I will increase my visits to help bring labor around naturally. I think it was the best thing added to my yoga for fertility. They both kept me calm and centered while going through treatment.

    Sorry I've been so busy lately, I really wanted to email you but I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I'm too tired or uncomfortable to get anything done. I'll email soon!!!