Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Can you believe it is November already? I swear summer was yesterday. Glad to gear up for my favorite holiday Thanksgiving! And then J and I's bdays mid December and then Denmark for Christmas.

Just trying to get all my ducks in row prior to the madness. First, going to see my gyne this month for the good old annual.  Like there has not been enough going on down there this year. I really want to give him an update on how our IVF round went and just let him know our future plan. Also talk to him a bit about our RE. I think if the next round fails, we will move to a different doctor and place. Also, my first go at acupuncture is next week. I spoke with a friend who had a successful third round and she used acupuncture. She transferred three and did get pregnant and has the cutest baby girl. She had a natural birth, no drugs or anything but she thinks her labor went so fast and so well because she had acupuncture that morning. So hopefully it is something that works for me and I can continue to use even after IVF. I think this baby thing is stressing me out more than I think. I recently got fitted for a mouthguard at the dentist because I have been grinding my teeth. And I can tell I have been clenching my jaw. So hopefully between the acupuncture and the guard, I can get to a place of zen. Because I really cannot think what else is stressing me out.

Lots of talk this last week about next year. J and I talked today about our FSA and how much money we want to put in for next year. Lucky for us our insurance will cover one more IVF round but then we are on our own money wise paying for any future rounds.  I wish I could just see into the future.

I met my friend Dru last night for dinner. We go way back. He was a client of mine at my old job and then he moved to the city where I live and we became friends. He and his partner were the ushers in my wedding. He works for a bank and may be looking for a contractor to do some work for them and he is thinking of using me. It wouldn't be till early next year and it would probably only be for 6 months maybe so it is a win win for both of us. Hope it panes out. Not working can be BOR_ING. Great to be able to do what you want some of the days but I think I just miss the social aspect of working. And a new challenge with new people would be nice.

I am kind of hoping 2012 gets here as fast as fall did from summer. I know I am mentally ready for what ever lies ahead and I am excited again. Even excited for injections!


  1. I hope you like acupuncture! I did it once a week for the three months up to (and through) my IVF cycle, and while I'm not sure if it helped physically, it definitely helped emotionally. Let us know how it goes!

  2. loved acupuncture so much I'm still going and probably will for as long as I possibly can. I love it!!!! I hope it works for you too....if nothing else it gives me a feeling of well being. Good luck!