Thursday, November 1, 2012

The last

I think I am the last of those I follow on the blogs who have gotten pregnant at the same time who has not had their baby yet. Oh well. This baby just is not ready to reveal itself to the world.

Today I am 38 weeks. 20 pounds gained. (Apparently this week I lost 2 lbs.) and a baby that they think is approximately 8 pounds. My cervix is about 80% effaced but closed for business. I'm hoping at my appointment on Monday it decides to at least open up. I'm not even having any contractions. Pubic bone pain after walking and some cramps here and there but no contractions.

Looks as though although I could have this baby at any time, my gut is telling me I'm going full term with probably an induction in my future. I will say I would rather wait it out than be induced. I think I may need to start bribing this baby to come out. My sleeping has been good on some nights but others I am usually up for two hours then have to nap during the day.

I found a few stretch marks under my belly yesterday. I'll take them. Anything for this baby kid.


  1. Wow! How quickly time has passed! I know you are so anxious to hold your sweet baby, so I hope the next few weeks pass just as quickly for you! Love and Hugs!

  2. My cervix was just a finger tip, and I was 50% effaced, then WHAMMO, my water broke!, haha you never know what will happen!

  3. OH Honey!!! I hope your little one decides to make an appearance soon! I was one of the last in my group too...and I delivered early...I was just going to email you because I didn't get this updated post in my reader....I'm thinking of you......And I meant it when I said I would come and see you, bring you lunch even, when this little one and you are home safe and sound!!!