Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still pregnant

Tomorrow is my due date and I am still pregnant. No hopes in site for this baby coming on its own. No signs.  My cervix is still closed, plug in tact and I am barely having Braxton Hicks. My body just will not cooperate right now. Figures. Tried everything, walking, sex, acupuncture, raspberry leaf tea. And nada.

I think it is looking like an induction for me. Hopefully but I will not even know until Monday at my next appointment. Looks like I'll be in the hospital for Thanksgiving assuming they even schedule it for next week. The best thing is the baby is healthy and I passed my stress test. I think the thing that I feel frustrated about is I'm due tomorrow. I'm measuring at like 42 weeks. Why do I have to wait to schedule this thing? I want to meet my baby. I want to smell it and kiss it. I've been waiting for this for three years. I know you are all thinking what's one more week and to a degree I agree, but every day longer I do worry about it being in there. I just will feel better when it is out and I know that it is ok. At times I slap its lil butt through my stomach just so it will give me a kick to let me know all is good.

On top of that, we sold the condo just this past Monday. Let me rephrase. We got a contract again. It is for a little less than last time but at this point, we need to move so we took it. With all the baby stuff, it is tight. Doable but tight. And they are doing construction on the exterior of our building which really is not very peaceful for a new baby and parents who are adjusting. The deal is cash so they wanted a quick closing. 11/26! Lucky for me I pushed it off until 12/7 which gives us time to have a baby, be home for a week, and orchestrate a move to my mom's. Then J's parents come to visit on 12/10. I refuse to even think about houses and additional moves until January. Or even beyond.

Everything is just up in the air right now so I am trying to remain calm. The planner in me is having a very hard time. I just remind myself a raise in blood pressure or worrying is not good for my sweet baby still living inside of me. And this situation is not detrimental. And with this time of year, I am just thankful and that is what matters. Thankful for this beautiful baby and that it will come on its own time even if Mommy is panicking. Thankful for my loving and supportive husband, family and friends. Thankful my husband has a good job so I can be home and enjoy this pregnancy and baby. For having a roof over our heads, even if it temporarily is not ours. For selling the condo so we can build our new life with our baby in a peaceful home. Thankful for our health and just our good life. We are very lucky.


  1. blogger hates just erased my was much longer and prettier than this one...

    Thinking of you and hoping for a healthy delivery sooner rather than later, a quick close and a smooth move to your moms.

    Email me if there's something I can do....

  2. Good luck with everything these next few weeks - my prediction is that you'll have a very memorable Thanksgiving one way or another! Hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. I hope you get to meet your baby real soon! Hope all goes well!

  4. Sorry I have been MIA. I can't believe you are already due! I hope you little one comes soon or is already here!

  5. HI from ICLW. Wow sounds like you are quite busy. Come on baby already, get out of momma!