Friday, September 21, 2012

Interesting Comment

So I'm sitting at the salon right now getting a much needed cut and color and I heard the most interesting comment. There is a mom here who is getting her hair dyed and said, "my daughter is a year and a half now so it's time for me to get back to taking care of myself."

I don't mean to judge but for me, I hope it does not take me a year and a half to pay attention to myself again. Not that I am naive about the time it takes to take care of a kid, cause I am not, but at the same time I think you can make your priorities as you see fit. I've seen all of my mom friends do it. You need a cut and color, you get a sitter. You want to go on a date with your husband, you get a sitter. I've waited so long to meet this baby that I know once it is here and I am in love with it will be hard to leave it. However a happy mom is good I think when trying to have a happy baby. So my goal is to still make time for myself as well as enjoy my baby.

32 weeks! Woohoo! My shower is tomorrow (hence the need for a day of beauty) so I am excited. This is the last thing that needs to occur in order for me to feel ready for this baby to come. I ordered my breast pump yesterday. I decided on the Medela Freestyle because I liked the flexibility of it more than the Pump in Style and it was such a deal. In the store it is like $340 plus tax which is 10% where we live but throught my husbands lactation program $230 delivered. Anywhere we can save makes me happy. We still have two more classes (infant care and breastfeeding) to take at the hospital but even without them I'm feeling ready. My weight still has been good but it seems my nose and lips are growing by the day. I plan on curling my hair tomorrow to offset them. 

With the exception of waking myself up from the snoring I have going on, I'm still all around feeling good. So thankful I have had such a good pregnancy.

Monday is my 32 week ultrasound. The doctor is doing it so I am about 85% sure it will be a 3D ultrasound. I am curious to see this baby's face. I still think it will look like my husband but I guess we shall see.

Let's see what else? Oh, we may have a potential buyer for the condo! They came to look at it on Monday, were suppose to come back on Tuesday but didn't and just decided to make an offer. We do not know what it is because it seems the broker on their end has the offer but they have not signed it yet. Come on people. Pregnant woman waiting to figure out where she is gonna end up bringing her baby home to. We go back and forth. I'd like to have a quick closing and go live at my mom's. They will only be here until after Christmas then they go to their Florida home to winter. It will give us a good chance to save an obscene amount of money while taking our time to look for a house. Because even right now there are no houses I have seen online currently that I am dying to look at or buy. And I do not think rushing into buying a house is a good thing even if we do have a newborn. One of my friends suggested maybe renting from the new owner but I don't think it will work. The guy is buying it as an investment but his brother is going to live here so I am sure he will want to move in right away.  It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I've really just been preparing to bring the baby home in our condo. Lots of changes but all very exciting!


  1. HOLY COW!! 32 weeks already?!?! It's going by so fast!

    I fully admit I don't make enough time for me, but I didn't make a ton of time for me before I had Raegan....of course I'm really hoping to be pregnant again soon, like in 3 days or so :) I'm sure my body will get back to normal when I'm done popping kids out....

    Happy shower!

  2. Oh it's a must to try to find 10 minutes a day for you!! A happy mommy equals a happy baby! I got my hair colored and cut 5 days post delivery! Now mind you my stylist refused to colour my hair in the third trimester (drove me nuts)! But it felt so good! And my hubby had some wonderful bonding time with the baby!
    Congrats on 32 weeks! I hope everything keeps ticking along just wonderfully! Have fun at your shower!
    All my best!

  3. I try my best for me time. I exercise daily (without baby) and I had my hair done 2 weeks after baby was born. It's hard to find time sometimes but when baby is feed and sleeping my husband and I take turns running errands or having me time. I am lucky my husband works from home though so I am not alone all day with baby. Somehow we all make it work. The first week is the hardest, you are just trying to figure it out. Congrats on 32 weeks!