Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally A Giveaway!

Happy Monday all. It's dreary here today. It's been cloudy and or rainy since Friday here. Boooo.

Things are well. The baby seems to be doing ok. My doctor appointment last week was just an ultrasound and the bloodwork for the Downs test. I just love seeing that little beating heart! The tech said everything seemed ok but I wanted the doctor to call me (I hate waiting to talk to him, it can be up to an hour sometimes). So he calls Tuesday in his suburban office, not the office I go to and I am not even home so he talks to J. J tells him, she wants to know how the ultrasound was and has some questions on whether or not her restrictions can be lifted (mainly, the no sex one) so he tells him he doesn't have my chart (well duh, you are at the other office) so he will call tomorrow. Well he didn't call at all, I left another message on Friday and he still has not called as of today. ANNOYING. So I'm waiting to call on Wednesday when he is in the office I see him in which I am hoping by then too they will have the Downs blood test results so I can have one call with him  finding out about the ultrasound, bloodwork and restrictions killing three birds one stone.

I'd like to start working out again and I would like to know if I can. And I am still taking the baby aspirin which I think at this point I shouldn't have to according to my first appointment with him. And I don't know, have sex with my husband before I get to a point in this pregnancy where I may not want to!!! I just hate when doctor's do not get back to you. Especially because I think I am not stalking him and have been pretty laid back during all of this.

I'm 12.5 weeks so I am feeling really happy about going into trimester 2. The tiredness seems to be lifting. This past weekend (mainly yesterday) was the only day I felt so nauseous through this whole thing. I thought I was going to throw up. On and off all day. But no complaints here. A very small price to pay when I have had zero morning sickness.  And I think my nose is growing from the hormones already. My sister's nose grew a ton during her pregnancies too so I'm ready for mine to take up all of my face by the birth.

And announcing My First Giveaway! I have finally reached 50+ followers so it's time. It will run for a week. You can enter by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog called Current Giveaways. I used Rafflecopter (thanks Emily @ a blanket 2 keep) so I hope it works.

I'm sure you are now wondering "Well, what are you giving away?" I was at Charming Charlies this weekend looking for some jewelry for a wedding this weekend. The dress I am wearing is blue (ocean is the color to be exact) so I bought some coral and gold accessories as a fun Spring pop o' color. Anyhow, I ended up buying a few choices so I decided to give away one of the earrings and bracelets I picked out.

The nice thing about the earrings, is you can loop up the chain through the posts to make them shorter.

So what do you have to do?

First, be a follower of my blog! Please write in the comments on the giveaway what your screen name is. (And feel free to post on your blog if you would like, I love new followers!)

Second, answer the question. I began watching The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet on Lifetime. Basically this interview show, with celebrity women talking about all sorts of women's topics (life, love, career, kids, you get the point). Anyhow at the end she always asks "What is you favorite sexual position?" (THIS IS NOT THE QUESTION I AM ASKING) and another question which is included in the giveaway.

Good Luck! I'll announce the winner next Tuesday. Let me know if something is not working.


  1. Wow 12 weeks! I hate it when Drs don't get back to you! And this is important! You need your fun time with your Hubby! And, working out will make you feel good. I hope you get some answers soon. Cool giveaway! I am personally not a big jewelery person so I'm not gonna enter. I know someone who loves jewelery will be happy to win it!

  2. Wonderful to hear that you're cruising into T2... great news :)) Hope your doc gets back to you soon... so frustrating to have to wait :( Love to you and bub xoxo

  3. YAY for the second trimester! I am so happy for you guys! I hope you get your restrictions lifted...they are no fun. We are still on them..booo...

    I will enter the giveaway. They just opened one of those stores here. I will need to check it out!