Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bring it on.

So here is it. Again.  The large box of fun arrived yesterday afternoon.

All starting tonight. Round Two, ding, ding.

Last night I went through the drug tutorials again. It's been 5 months, so my memory lapsed a little in how to mix them. I'm lucky, only one shot a day at night and both the Menopur and Gonal I mix in one shot.

I finally got my period after stopping the pill. I was wondering what was taking it so long. Not that I was worried. We all know I couldn't be pregnant, silly me! It doesn't take just sex! Just a team of 5, 10 days of shots, two procedures and some other drugs in between. Duh.

I had my baseline U/S and blood on Thursday. Everything was great as usual and they gave me the green to begin.

My husband was cute this morning. We woke up and snuggled in bed and he is a little nervous and worried for me but of course so excited. I am so thankful I have him every day. No matter what happens I know as long as I have him, we'll deal.

 I must say my head is in a great place right now. I feel strong physically and mentally. So easy to say when you have not started stimming yet and the hormones have not taken over. But I have such a better feeling about this round than last. Smarter, more prepared and stronger. (I totally have Kelly Clarkson's Stronger lyrics going through my head). And I know this cycle is suppose to happen, cause it has been such a bitch to get here.

So wish me luck. I cannot promise I will update, I'm gonna see how I feel, but I'll be back. And I'll be following along on all your blogs. All of my Cycle Sistas out there, hoping for BFPs all around.


  1. Great that all your things arrived and that you have the go ahead to start... and feeling strong :)) Good luck with your next step xoxo

  2. Good Luck!!! You know I pray for you every day, but I'll be adding special prayers while you're stimming. Keep us posted and know you're in my thoughts and prayers!

    and your hubs is so's amazing how we come to appreciate them more and more as we go through all of this!

  3. YAY!!! Congrats on starting stims.

    Sounds like you are in an awesome place for this cycle. I am so glad.

    Looking forward to hearing how this cycle progresses. Hoping this is the one for you!


  4. Congrats on getting started! I'm about a week behind you. Wishing you tons of good luck and here, here to BFPs all around!!!

  5. Thinking about you and sending lots of good vibes your way! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  6. Fingers and toes crossed. Sending so much love to both of you. Xoxo

  7. Good Luck!!! Hoping and praying everything goes perfectly!

  8. Best of luck to you! It is great to have the chance to try again. Keeping my fingers crossed for you :-)

  9. Hi there! Just came across your blog and wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!! :)