Friday, March 1, 2013


I'm the worst. blogger. in. the. world. Things over here are awesome and amazing. Little D is 3 months old and I will show a progression of pictures during this post. But I don't even know where to begin with an update.

Let's start with the end of 2012 was a true whirlwind. DH graced us with his presence four days before Thanksgiving. A week later we moved out of the condo and into my parents house. Lucky for me, we got packers and movers and J orchestrated it all while I took care of little D. A week after that we closed on the condo. It was so sad for me! I lived there 12 years. I did a lot of growing up there, got engaged there and lived with J there. And now we are technically homeless. Still living at my parents. More on that in a minute. On the day we closed on the condo, J's parents came in from Denmark. The day after that was J's 40th and the day after that was my b-day.  At this point we are in mid December. J's parents headed to the east coast and this lil guy turned one month old.

The holidays then came. J's parents came back from the east coast for Christmas. It was kind of a hard time and kind of a blessing. So nice to have help from parents and have J's parents here for the holidays but it was so hard being a new mom with all of these people around telling me what to do. And not really being in our own space. Up until last week, J and I were sleeping in twin beds with the bassinet in the room with us too. It took me about a month to unpack our clothes and I still have a suitcase I never unpacked.  After Christmas, J's parents headed home and my parents headed south to Florida to their home there. New Years was peaceful and quiet. We just cooked, sipped champagne and went to bed at 12:08.

January brought home shopping. We found a house in the burbs. The burbs? I couldn't believe we were not going to be in the city. I have lived in the city my whole life (with the exception of during college when my parents moved to the burbs but I jetted back to the city promptly after graduation). And I just kept reminding myself I was doing what was best for DH because the schools are good. We never did come to an agreement with the seller on price (the house was over priced and still on the market now AND they just decreased the price ha!) so we continued our search and found a cute, foreclosed, updated home, in the city, made an offer and they accepted. It was just a perfect fit. And we even like the school options. Right before this happy(?) fellow turned 2 months old. 

So easy enough the house owned by the bank, can close on 3/20 but what do we do? We make it harder! We decide we should renovate. This house is totally move in ready but we have a few changes we want to make. We want to knock down the wall between the kitchen and the family room to make it one space, we want to update the first floor bathroom, we need to remove all the paneling from DH's room and another bedroom, we want to make one of the bedrooms our walk in closet, maybe move the laundry upstairs. Fix the layout upstairs and update the master bath. In order to afford doing this we are applying for a 203K loan. For those of you who may not know, this is a mortgage loan where you can borrow over the purchase price of your home and put the money towards renovations. But you have to have a contractor. Who has to provide plans, and a bid, and line item every single item they are doing and price out every piece of material they will use. So now we are waiting to get the final bid, hopefully this week to submit to the bank to get the loan processed. Which now has us closing the earliest 4/30. 
GRRR. Did I mention my son is humungous? Like 15 pound, 25 inch humungous at his 2 month appointment. We finally got a crib. Just this week in time for our 3 month celebration whoop whoop!

So we will continue to live here in my parents house until our house is finished. But we are out of the twin beds and moved into my parents room. So now we are all sleeping in there as the crib would not fit into the other room and their third bedroom is an office. It's another adjustment. DH is taking it in stride. But I cannot get over that we will still be here 4 more long months or more until the renovations are complete. 

So there's an update. I have so much to say about motherhood. And little DH as a baby. And our future regarding other babies. But I'll save it for a different time. My next post will be my birth story. I feel like if I do not document it soon, I may forget. Which I don't want to at all. Cause it pretty much was the best day of my life. Cause this kid rocks. 


  1. He is ADORABLE!!! Congratulations on the house!! We did the same thing, renovated before moving in! You will be so glad you did it though! I can't wait to hear about his birth story! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I read this in the middle of the night last night at work. I wanted to comment, but didn't get a chance then. First off, OMG what a cutie! Secondly, Yay! for the house, and in the city too! I can't wait to come see it, and yes once again I have invited myself to see your house :). Boo for the twin beds, but yay for ditching them. HOLY COW, Raegan was 17 pounds and 27 inches at her 12 mo appointment! Big difference! What a big boy!

    I think it's smart to do the renovations and make the house just what you want. I so wish we could get out of my town house, but alas we're stuck for a while longer...

    Thanks for the update! So glad you're adjusting to motherhood so well!

    1. You are totally welcome anytime! Looking forward to meeting up in April!

  3. Love the pics, so handsome! I have a big boy on my hands too everyone tells me he looks like he's a year old already. I wish I had more time or spent more time updating too, I always want to but never do, I even started another blog, I have yet to post. Glad thinks are going well!!!!

  4. So glad to read an update - I'm sure it's hard to find time to post but we all love it :) he is such a cutie - I can't wait to meet him in person!!!

  5. He is so freakin adorable. I can't stand it! I thought I had a big boy ... Wade was 15 pounds at his 3 month appointment. Now at 4 months he is in 6-9 month clothes. His appointment is next week and we will get an official weight in. Love hearing about your little man! Xo

  6. He is one handsome boy!!! Glad to hear an update!!

  7. Love your pictures! He is so handsome! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)

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